Bald Eagle, Naples FL

naples florida bald eagle photo

Bald Eagle in Naples Florida - Photo by Mike Dodge

As I was driving along Immokalee Road in Naples yesterday, I spotted a HUGE bird on top of a building. I pulled into a nearby parking lot and realized it was a Bald Eagle. I quickly pulled out my camera but was only able to get a couple of shots before it flew away. These birds are truly majestic and it’s no wonder it was chosen as our national symbol. Just look at the determined expression on its face!

naples florida bald eagles photo

Bald Eagle in Naples FL - Photo by Mike Dodge

This shot of the bird taking off gives you an appreciation for the size of its talons. No wonder they can swoop down and catch fish like they do!

Florida is second only to Alaska in the number of breeding Bald Eagles. If you pay attention, you see them around Naples fairly often. No matter how often you may see one, it’s an amazing experience each time!

This Bald Eagle must have quite a view from atop his perch. A bet he can see the communities of Pelican Marsh, Stonebridge, and Collier’s Reserve.

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